April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Governor Scott signed a proclamation; view at the Florida OPRC website, which also has materials available for promoting distracted driving awareness.

National Safety Council has posters, PSAs and more for download:

NSC’s distracted driving information website.

NSC’s Distracted Driving Month website.

Throughout April, NSC and FocusDriven will urge Americans to consider the lives of others on the road and stop using cell phones while driving. NSC estimates 28 percent of all crashes – or 1.6 million crashes – each year are caused by drivers using their handheld or hands-free cell phones and texting while driving. This is much greater than the number of crashes caused by any other distraction.

Both nonprofit organizations encourage drivers to commit to not using their cell phones while driving during the month of April and beyond. They suggest drivers silence, turn off or put their phones away in trunks or glove compartments, reducing the temptation to answer a ringing phone, text message or e-mail. Drivers also are asked to change their voicemail greeting to alert callers they may be driving.

Download the NSC Free Cell Phone Policy Kit.